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During  his study at Kent State University in Ohio, and Florence, Italy, Shawn developed a desire for a career that spanned a diverse range of building types.   That led to a journey of  constant learning about new people and businesses, and the experience to approach client needs with fresh perspectives and creative solutions.

While working with a large Ohio firm, Shawn gained valuable experience in K-12 and higher education, and church facility design.  Then in 2007, he and his wife, Melissa, relocated to Wilmington, finding opportunities and success.  He founded a firm in 2011, building excellent client relationships for diverse range of projects, as he had planned from the beginning. 

Today, as president of Hostetler Architecture, he continues to provide thoughtful, authentic design that responds to the client's needs, budget and place.

He served as the President of the Wilmington chapter of the American Institute of Architects in the past, and is active in the community.


"I have always had an affinity for great design, especially automotive and industrial design.  The well crafted, precise and efficient detailing in these disciplines, inspire my work.  As an architect, I find the greatest satisfaction in watching people interact in the spaces that I've created; bringing life to the design."

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